In order to give you some updates on TIME and who we are, in which we can elaborate a bit more than our other social media accounts, we will be putting up some interesting blog posts on topics like “This week’s journal”, fun facts and travel tips.

Just like last year, we’d like you to get to know this year’s board, consultants and supervisors a little better. In order to do so, we’ll put up a weekly blog, “This week’s journal”, in which one committee member or researcher will introduce themselves by giving a short overview of his- or herself, what their role and how they combine TIME with the other parts of their life.

Of course we would also like to let you in on a couple of fun facts, either about us or the countries we’ll be visiting and some insights on our travel plans and progress so far. By the time we’ll be travelling to this year’s destinations, “This week’s journal” will be used to show you all ins and outs of our travels.

TIME at “The Business Update” on New Business Radio

Annabel and Ineke explain TIME in “The Business Update”. Listen to the podcast here!

This week’s journal, Yiten Luong – Consultant

This week it’s my TIME to shine! My name is Yiten Luong and I am a consultant of TIME. I will take you to my journey that have let me to TIME.

This week’s journal, Walter Buijnsters – Consultant

My name is Walter Buijnsters and I’m 24 years old. This year I am one of the consultants. I was born in Breda and lived in Bavel for 18 years.

This week’s journal, Vincent Liu – Consultant

This week it is my time to tell you something about my life of a consultant of TIME. My name is Vincent Liu and I am 23 years old.

This week’s journal, Willemijn van Rooij – Consultant

Hi everybody! My name is Willemijn van Rooij and I’m happy to say that besides my master in Marketing Management I’m part of TIME as a consultant.