TIME Tilburg

The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) is a foundation with the objective to conduct high-level international market research for Dutch companies who are interested in doing business in foreign markets. TIME is an initiative from study association Asset | Marketing in cooperation with Asset | Strategy & Logistics and Tilburg University.

The research is conducted by talented students of Tilburg University, these students are selected based on their academic qualities and research skills. They will intensively search for opportunities for your company in the chosen foreign market. Moreover, TIME does not only provide marketing research. Since researches are custom-made it can be about various subjects. As such are projects which are more strategic, logistic, or economic in nature not uncommon for TIME projects.

Involved parties


TIME offers students the opportunity to develop their organizational skills, get experience of a foreign business culture and expand their network. During the project, students will cooperate with other students, companies and organizations in the Netherlands as well as in the chosen foreign market.

The board members of TIME are responsible for organizing the research expedition, a successful completion of the project and are accompanying the researchers. Moreover, the consultants are responsible for contact with companies, doing the research on location and the delivery of a valuable research report for the participating companies.

All in all, TIME provides students the opportunity to develop themselves on a professional level besides their study.


For companies, participating in TIME is a great opportunity to do research abroad against cost price. Where bigger consultancy organizations have to deal with fixed costs like offices and employee payments, TIME is run voluntarily by students of Tilburg University. Additionally, TIME does not have an interest in profit maximization. The aim of TIME is to deliver sound research valuable to companies. Also, the content of the researches is not restricted to marketing related topics. It all depends on the wishes and needs of the participating companies. During the whole project, the participating companies will be well informed by the researchers. Consequently, custom research can be delivered.

Geert-Jan van der Zon of Horticoop B.V. agreed: “TIME gives a refreshing look at the market which breaks through our tunnel vision”.

TIME Advisory Board

The international research project TIME is coordinated by a separate foundation. This foundation exists of researchers, TIME members, business people and alumni of Tilburg University, which accompany the researchers and board members with their academic and practical experience. The foundation will focus on advising the TIME board on deadlines, acquisition, promotion and recruiting. The TIME board can ask all their questions to the foundation at any time. Meetings are planned on a regular basis to give accurate feedback to the students currently participating in the TIME project.

Previous Research

TIME is active since 1989 and visited lots of countries. The choice of the location is made by the TIME foundation and is based on a lot of different factors. The most important factors are the country-specific economic factors and advantages. Thereby, the foundation also considers the interest of potential companies. Below you can find an overview of which countries were visited in previous editions.

Previous destinations: 2023: California, USA 2021: Spain & Portugal 2019: China & Japan 2018: Indonesia 2017: Canada 2016: Chile & Peru 2015: Taiwan 2014: Qatar & UAE 2013: Malaysia & Singapore 2012: South Korea 2011: China 2010: United Arabic Emirates 2009: South Africa 2008: Brazil 2007: India 2006: China 2005: Turkey 2004: China 2003: India 2001: Australia 2000: South Africa 1998 Sweden 1997: Canada 1995: Poland 1993: Mexico 1992: Portugal 1991: Japan 1989: England

Some great companies already joined The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) in the previous years. We had the pleasure to do research for companies like Philips, FrieslandCampina, Grand Italia, Secrid and DAF Trucks.

As an illustration; Secrid investigated the opportunities to sell their products in Singapore and Malaysia in 2013. Through Secrid’s cooperation with TIME they now have a good insight into consumer culture and the shopping environment abroad. Moreover, Secrid obtained useful contacts through which they work on a sustainable relationship with their retailers.

Additionally, as Richard Willems of Imtech said: “TIME can deliver very specific research, because they work very specifically and therefore deliver valuable insides”.

Another advantage of TIME is mentioned by Sergi de Vette of LeasePLan Corporation N.V., he states that: “Students get into companies much faster than we do, especially when the University is involved. Therefore companies are more likely to get in conversation with the researchers in contrast to when we do it. At the end this research gives us quite accurate insides for only a relatively small price.

Due to the great variety of visited countries, and also a great variety of companies, TIME has developed some great experience and a good knowledge of doing international research.

Does your company dare to embark on this unique and successful adventure with us?