Every year, TIME conducts international market research for Dutch companies in interesting, upcoming foreign markets. TIME is an initiative from study association Asset | Marketing in cooperation Asset | Strategy & Logistics and with Tilburg University. TIME has over 33 years of experience in performing research projects all over the world. We employ a cost-efficient method to deliver thorough research results.


The various researches are conducted by talented students from Tilburg University who have affinity with marketing, strategy, logistics and/or economics. TIME consists of a team of top students that have good research skills, are very motivated and ambitious. The team consist of several board members and consultants.

What others say about us

“Maarten Zandvoort (TIME consultant) conducted a survey for our company in Japan. We were positively surprised by the depth of the analysis he and his collaborators carried out. The survey was very comprehensive and logically constructed in spite of the difficulty of accessing the required information in such a niche market as ours. His conclusions were very clear and logically formulated and they will help our company to find the right way when entering the Japanese market.”

“TIME, Floris Wouters, has explored the possibilities for Feltest Equipment to expand our business in Indonesia. Due to the exhaustive field research in Indonesia Feltest has gained various valuable contacts in the Paper Industry. This has already resulted in several sales orders, a big stimulation to increase our efforts in the Indonesian Pulp & Paper Industry and follow-up on the advise and work out our Export strategy for Indonesia. The professional and solid market analysis gives Feltest a great base to build our sales strategy. We will certainly recommend working with TIME!”

“Thanks to a well structured and professional market research and consumer insights study done by TIME we are able to continuously improve the position of our brands and brand assortment basis in Canada. TIME delivered a solid market research in a very structured and professional way and with limited resources. I would definitely work together with TIME again”

“TIME has provided us with a very professional report, which is a detailed and in depth analysis of a very specific market. With only minimal input and counseling they have managed to produce valuable insights and a very practical set of recommendations. All together we will definitely follow through with the results of the report, and would be happy to participate in the program on future occasions.”

“Due to the market research there is a clear representation of the consumer culture and the shopping areas. Furthermore good contacts are made for further cooperation with retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.”

“Students come into contact more easily with companies than we do, especially when a university is involved. For this reason companies enter into a conversation more easily with investigators than that they would do this with us. The research gave us accurate insights at a relatively low price.”

Because TIME is four weeks on location, knowledge of a country and culture is acquired that is indispensable for a company that wants to enter a foreign market.

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