TIME 2021: Recap of our second week

We are already two weeks into our field research phase and a lot has happened since last week, so let’s do another recap!

Our second week started off in Madrid, where most of our consultants were still busy gathering the final information before heading towards Barcelona. There was a special holiday in Madrid on Tuesday so a lot of companies were closed, as well as on Monday. Therefore, we had less appointments and most consultants were busy calling companies in Barcelona and Porto. On Tuesday evening, we took the train to Barcelona where we would spend the rest of the week. 

With only three working days in Barcelona and overfilled agendas, our time here has been very busy. Besides all the scheduled appointments, a good way of obtaining information and getting into contact with the right people is simply by visiting the company spontaneously. For example, our consultants visited hospitals, big corporations, resellers and end customers. 

Moreover, it has been very nice to experience the city during fall-season. Unfortunately, the first few days in Barcelona started off rainy. However, the weekend has been filled with loads of sunshine. On Saturday, we went for another bike tour to explore the city. Our guide showed us the hotspots in Barcelona, for example La Sagrada Família and the Arco de Triunfo. After a nice tapas lunch, we went to see the beautiful Parc Guëll during sunset. On Sunday, we visited the impressive Camp Nou stadium. After a great lunch it was time to relax for a bit and pack our luggage again. 

Yesterday evening, we headed towards the airport to take the plane to Porto! Hence, our field research phase in Spain has come to an end, now it’s TIME to focus on the Portuguese market!