TIME 2021: Recap of our fourth week

TIME for a little recap of our fourth week in Spain and Portugal! Unfortunately, the field research phase has come to an end. The past weeks have been flying by and we’re already back in the Netherlands. Our final week abroad has been really busy, so let’s talk you through it!

We kicked off the week with around ten appointments, as well on Monday as on Tuesday! Still, a lot of appointments were held online due to covid restrictions. However, we also were able to visit several companies at their offices. Meeting online is of course more convenient, since it costs some time to travel up and down. However, it is always nice to meet someone physically and experience the atmosphere of a company. And that’s of course the reason why we’re in Spain and Portugal! 

During the week, it was also time to relax for a little. Well, maybe relax is not the most suitable word here, because on Tuesday we went out for a nice padel game at night! It was a super exciting and nerve-racking match, but the ultimate winners were Mateo and Ton. Moreover, on Wednesday we were already halfway through our workweek, so we went for a (few) drink(s) in the city. Fortunately we were all able to make it to breakfast on time the next morning, since Thursday again was a very busy day! ;)

Friday was our final day of the field research, and our consultant Eline could need some extra help handing out flyers to locals in Porto for her consumer research. In the afternoon, when everyone was done with their own appointments, we teamed up and went to the city centre to hand out all the flyers we had. After handing out +-1000 flyers, we celebrated the end of the field research phase with lots of wine and tapas!

All in all, we can look back at four very successful weeks in Spain and Portugal! Now, it’s time to analyze all the information we gathered and write our findings in the report. But first, let’s relax for a little and of course… get used to the cold weather in the Netherlands again!