Research Information

With intensive and professional guidance from Tilburg University, TIME is capable of conducting extensive research in all kinds of sectors. During the entire process all consultants are supervised by alumni of Tilburg University who have been involved in prior TIME research projects. Because of this, the project is enriched with many years of business knowledge, an academic viewpoint, and first-hand experience. Besides, all of the participating students have a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge and are in the final phase of their studies. By combining this multi-disciplined knowledge with strategic intelligence, analytical and entrepreneurial perspectives we are able to deliver a well-covered research and report.


Our objective is to deliver a high quality research report of value to your company. Previous research subjects were:

  • Market Analysis

  • Consumer Analysis

  • Outsourcing and Supplier Selection

  • Sector Description

  • Communication channel analysis

  • Segmentation research

  • Distribution research


The researchers will start with a desk research, in this phase they gather information with a top-down approach. With this information they develop an initial overview with potential partners and new customers. Subsequently, during the field research we will travel to California to further explore these opportunities. Potential partners and customers can be visited and interviewed. Eventually, the research will be completed and the recommendations will be presented to the company.

  • September - December

    Desk Research

  • January

    Field Research

  • January - February

    Finalization of Report

  • March

    Report Presentation

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