Willemijn van Rooij

This week’s journal, Willemijn van Rooij – Consultant

And this TIME it’s my turn!

Hi everybody! My name is Willemijn van Rooij and I’m happy to say that besides my master in Marketing Management I’m part of TIME as a consultant. I’m from thè most beautiful part of the Netherlands: Brabant! I was born in Eindhoven, and since I still very much enjoy the typical ‘brabants’ atmosphere of the city and like to celebrate ‘Carnaval’ every year, I still live here. Let’s give you some more insights into my life as a student and consultant. I finished my bachelor in business administration 2 years ago, where I already got excited about studying abroad and therefore partly hit the books in the sunny south of Spain. During my bachelor I already did some nice real case projects for well-known companies where my interest to become a consultant grew.

Your student life is obviously not only about studying and working on cool projects, I personally highly value the freedom you have as a young professional. Therefore, I decided to start working after my bachelor for a few months so I could go on an adventure in Asia for three months. I visited Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore which really made me super hyped about the beautiful nature and the warm and welcoming people of these parts of Asia. This is where I fell in love with Asia!

At the beginning of my master other students made me very enthusiastic about TIME. The combination of consulting and conducting research in countries I’ve never been to but cannot wait to visit, triggered me to join the club! Time takes quite some ‘time’ next to my studies but this totally fits my busy lifestyle as I’m used to having one or more jobs next to my studies! Luckily the student lifestyle means ‘work hard play hard’ so whenever I’m not working you can find me having drinks with friends.

Currently we are very busy with our acquisition phase to hopefully make the companies as enthusiastic as we are about our research project in Osaka, Tokyo and Shanghai. With our strong team of board members and consultants I am sure we will accomplish this. Want to know more about TIME and the opportunities for your company in China & Japan? Add me on LinkedIn and don’t hesitate to send me a message!