Walter Buijnsters

This week’s journal, Walter Buijnsters – Consultant

Every week a board member or consultant will talk you through a small biography, and more importantly, a little insight into their life, what parts of their agenda are devoted to TIME, and what parts aren’t.

This is my turn, and I’ll give you a short look into my life and my role as a consultant. But firstly, I will quickly introduce myself.

My name is Walter Buijnsters and I’m 24 years old. This year I am one of the consultants. I was born in Breda and lived in Bavel for 18 years. Almost all of my life I played soccer in Bavel at the local Footballclub. After passing my Foundation course I moved to Tilburg to live with nine other students in a nice house located in the well-known area called ‘Korvel’. In September I started two masters in marketing, Marketing Analytics and Marketing Management. First I started with Marketing Management but later on I decided to do Marketing Analytics as well, my interest in data is the main reason for doing a second master.

So, why did I decide to start with TIME? After I had done both formal and informal committees at Asset Marketing I became very interested in TIME. Doing research in a country with whole other cultures and standards is educational, which is very interesting I think. As consultants, we are calling a lot at the moment. I can ensure that I have never called as much before as I did last months. After this period of calling our research will start. Doing research is great to do, because helping a company with an issue or a challenge can give a real sense of accomplishment.

I’m looking forward to do research in Japan and China and helping a company with their challenge. TIME is a valuable organization and I am glad to be part of it this year.