Mijke van Hanegem

This week’s journal, Mijke van Hanegem – Treasurer

Every week a board member or consultant will talk you through a small biography, and more importantly, a little insight into their life, what parts of their agenda are devoted to time, and what parts aren’t.

This week it’s my turn, and I’ll give you some insights into my life and my role as the Treasurer of TIME. But first, let me quickly introduce myself!

My name is Mijke van Hanegem, I’m 24 years old and live in Tilburg. This edition I joined TIME to Spain and Portugal as Treasurer of the Board. Maybe you recognize me from last year, I participated as a consultant back then! I was still really enthusiastic about TIME and that’s why I applied for a board function this year. Currently, I’m learning a lot about the ins and outs of the online marketing world during my internship at Greenhouse. Besides gaining this practical experience, I’m still studying both masters Marketing Management and Marketing Analytics at Tilburg University.

After living abroad during my Exchange in Lisbon, I really wanted to explore more about foreign cultures and business environments. Moreover, I love travelling so TIME gave me the perfect opportunity to combine all this! I started the TIME board year in February, and we have already accomplished a lot with the team! We’re currently in the acquisition phase of the project and together with the consultants that have joined us so far, we have made an effort to get in contact with companies interested in this year’s destinations. Besides these activities I keep the cost and revenue estimates up to date, manage the website and talk with people from the embassies and business development coaches to see if there are possibilities to collaborate.

TIME is taking over quite a bit of my time right now. whenever I’m not busy with TIME, I like to have some drinks with my friends at the terrace, go to festivals and play tennis. Moreover, in the summer, I also spend a lot of my time at the beach in Zeeland, where my roots lie, I work in a beach bar and at my free days I’m working on my tan of course.

I am looking forward to explore the possibilities in Spain and Portugal together with our team! Do you want to know more about TIME and our current project? Add me on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’m happy to tell you all about it.

Until next TIME!