Ton Verhoeven

This week’s journal, Ton Verhoeven – Member Advisory Board TIME & Supervisor TIME 2019

Every week a member or mentor of TIME will talk you through a small biography, and more importantly, provide a little insight into their life, which parts of their agenda are devoted to time, and which aren’t.

Hello, my name is Ton Verhoeven and I am a member of the TIME Advisory Board. Also, I joined TIME 2019 as supervisor during the first two week of this year’s trip in China, which was already my fifth TIME-travel!

It all started in 2013, when I joined TIME as a consultant on the trip to Singapore and Malaysia. I conducted a market research for Rinagro B.V., who were looking into expanding the market opportunities for their unique fertilizer. I enjoyed my TIME there so much, that I decided to join the board of TIME 2014 during the following year. As Operational Officer, it was my responsibility that the entire trip to Dubai & Qatar went according to plan and everybody got home safe (which they did!).

In 2017, I joined the Advisory Board of TIME. During the year, we support the TIME-board with our TIME- and work experience. Together we strive to make every edition successful and one they remember for the rest of their lives! The Advisory Board meets approximately once a month to discuss the progress of the current year and the long-term plans and ambitions. As I mentioned before, I joined the group to China this year as a supervisor. This trip was my third as supervisor, after successful, interesting and fun trips to Canada in 2017 and Indonesia in 2018. The role of the supervisors during the field research is to guide the consultants and board members during interviews, keep an eye on the progress of the researches, the group process and make sure the students work hard, but not too hard.

During the rest of my week, I work at the marketing department of HORNBACH. HORNBACH is the XXL DIY-store in The Netherlands with a unique and different store-formula compared to most others. Within our team, I am responsible for creating content and campaigns with the goal to make everyone as big a fan of the HORNBACH-brand as I am myself!

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