Ron Colen

This week’s journal, Ron Colen – Chairman Advisory Board TIME

Every week a member or mentor of TIME will talk you through a small biography, and more importantly, provide a little insight into their life, which parts of their agenda are devoted to time, and which aren’t.

Good afternoon, my name is Ron Colen and currently a strategic and financial professional at NXP Semiconductors. I am already playing this role for ~7 years at director level; first as Technology & Operation groups controller and today as financial business partner and MT member of the best performing entity within the Automotive industry. In simple words, I am managing financially a highly profitable and sustainable half a billion-revenue entity with a triple digit workforce including its industrial footprint.

I am already at this stage of my career partly due to TIME. During my university period, I have invested significant time in knowledge in combination with a high curiosity level in practical events. Investing in yourself, learn from role-models and a customer focused mindset are key elements in building a career. An ambitious student should focus on the mid/long term and should not be afraid to make a mistake. Do not loose your main goal because of short term barriers and build a strong knowledgeable network that automatically brings you to the next desired level. Investing an extra half year at the university is never lost especially not if you joined the exclusive “The International Marketing Expedition” (TIME) program. At the end, TIME puts you in the lead when starting your professional career.

TIME is one of those unique golden eye catchers on your CV and it is a great experience that you never forget.

TIME is one of those unique stamps that opens doors where they stayed locked for other students (also for those who succeeded their theoretical masters “cum laude” in straight 4 years without any personal development.)

TIME gives you a full year of unique experiences that you cannot learn anywhere else during your university period. Being part of TIME, as board member or as consultant, gives you a steep learning curve outside any standard university (bachelor/ master) program. You meet other highly ambitious students and professionals, work on real business cases from multinationals and medium-large companies and go abroad for roughly 4 weeks.

TIME gives you a kickstart in your career and your career will accelerate with such a learning experience.

Building a career is filling in your backpack with many different and challenging events. Your personal development is as important (maybe not even more important) as achieving your master’s degree.

TIME gave me that personal and professional boost after being part of the TIME board 2006 when going to China.

Today, I am sharing my experiences as advisory board member TIME per 2012 and as chairman of that same board per 2015. We had successful expeditions globally; South Korea (2012), Singapore & Malaysia (2013), VAE/ Qatar (2014), Taiwan (2015), Peru/Chile (2016), Canada (2017), Indonesia (2018) and lately Shanghai/ Osaka & Tokyo.

I am proud that TIME has become a community with support from many different angles.

TIME will remain a high end, exclusive and unique community that continuously develop itself with the best (upcoming) professionals.

My advice; “Take this golden ticket when you get the opportunity and enable a kickstart of your career”