Finally, we’ve reached October 25th 2019! One night before our trip to Shanghai, Tokyo and Osaka to conduct ten extensive, difficult, but most of all interesting field researches. I think I speak for most of us when I say that I have not yet fully comprehended that we will be leaving tomorrow.

For the last 10 months we have been working towards this one goal of organizing a succesful, month-long research expedition. I’m very proud of what this team has accomplished since my last blog in May. All summer, the cold-calling acquisition continued to fill up the last spots with some amazing companies. The desk researches so far have been beyond what I expected in terms of elaboration and especially drive by the consultants. With the board we have been busy with everything trip-related, while supervising several researches, promoting for TIME 2020 as well as organizing events such as the anniversary cantus and the farewell drinks.

So now that everyting relating to the trip has been handled, what will following weeks look like? Tomorrow we will all be going to Shanghai to start off our trip. After a couple of days, unfortunately, the majority of the group will be leaving to Osaka to start the researches for which Japan is more relevant. Luckily after 3,5 weeks we will all be reunited in Tokyo to spend the last five days together. In the mean time, unrelated to where we are, we will be working full time, trying to interview as many parties relevant for the researches. This is of course during the week, the weekends are ours to spend as we like and I suggest you keep an eye out on our socials to stay up to date on which awesome activities we will be undertaking. Spoiler: From cities to mountains and lakes to Mario Kart. Follow us on Instagram!

Does all this sound interesting to you? Looking for an amazing experience in 2020 where you’ll be organizing The International Marketing Expedition to a not yet disclosed location? Feel free to reach out to us, even during our edition!

On behalf of TIME 2019,