Teun Visser

This week’s journal, Teun Visser – Consultant

Every week a board member or consultant will talk you through a small biography, and more importantly, a little insight into their life, what parts of their agenda are devoted to time and what parts aren’t.

This week it is my turn to give an insight into my life as a consultant at TIME and beyond.

Let’s start with a short introduction. My name is Teun Visser, 22 years old and born and raised in the prosperous city of Eindhoven. This city, being the brain port of the Netherlands, gave me lots of opportunities to develop myself. One of those was obtaining my high school degree and afterwards I went to the University of Tilburg to start my journey with a bachelor in Economics.

After two years of learning all the ins and outs of economic theory it was time for a new adventure. I joined up for an exchange program for half a year in the city of Kobe located in the land of the rising sun, Japan. In my honest opinion, the experience and knowledge gained from an exchange is second to none. Barriers like cultural or language differences will have to be won over. This results in progression regarding the ability to adapt and overcome almost any situation. Aside from differences in culture and language, their perspective on business and economics was also a welcome surprise. Learning about new perspectives has been useful to me ever since.

But apart from my gained knowledge, I evoked something else. Gaining experience abroad and getting confident in the business world became a priority for me. The International Marketing Expedition was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my new desires. It is not just experience that TIME provides, it is experience in the field of research and business. This seemed like the perfect opportunity in naturally i directly signed up. A decision I would never come to regret.

Soon it became clear to me what exactly the charms of TIME where. First of the team, existing of ten consultants and five board members, is a miracle-machine. Their level of ambition, research experience and knowledge are not only extremely instructive but also pushes a person to perform their best. I have the utmost confidence that this team could accomplish anything.

With the combination of skilled individuals and fitting teamwork we work every week to provide the best possible product for our clients. During the acquisition period we focused all our efforts on collecting quality companies with issues or possibilities in the Chinese and Japanese market. After accomplishing this goal we now focus on providing the best possible research for our clients.

Personally, TIME has given me both extremely fun times and lots of experience. So if you are looking for experience abroad or in the business world, this would be your perfect opportunity. Learning by being part of an extremely competent, helpful and energetic team has been one of the most useful experience in my life. If you are looking to fill a gap in your life both on gaining experience for the future or just to have some more enjoyable times, you can sign up today!

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully see you in the future,

Teun Visser