Jet Zoetendaal

This week’s journal, Jet Zoetendaal – Consultant

Every week a board member or consultant will talk you through a small biography, and more importantly, a little insight into their life, what parts of their agenda are devoted to time, and what parts aren’t.

Hello my name is Jet Zoetendaal and I am a consultant at TIME. I grew up in a very small town in called Rijpwetering. Thankfully this is close to the wonderful Leiden and I started my University years in Leiden. I have a bit of a different background, because I have a Bachelor in Psychology. Most people think that Psychology has nothing to do with Marketing or management. However, Psychology is everything about people: How people work, how people act and mostly how people react. The part about how people act and react is actually very for marketing and management.

After my bachelor, I decided to take a gap year and travel the world a bit. I have always wanted to travel and because I have family living in New Zealand, there’s always a bed for me halfway across the world. However, I not only fell in love with the beautiful nature in New Zealand, I also fell in love with Asia. Although every Asian country is completely different, I’ve noticed that the hospitality and the good food is the same in all Asian countries! After six months of traveling it was TIME for something new. I started to look for a master in management, because marketing started to intrigue me. I eventually ended up at Tilburg University. Though I enjoy studying at Tilburg very much, I am always looking for cool opportunities to go abroad and learn about different cultures. That is how I not only ended up as a consultant for TIME, but also as an external for the International Management Trip.

At the moment, the academic year has ended, but does not mean that we are free. This is the TIME for acquisition. We are currently very busy with calling companies to see if they are interested, making appointments with companies and writing research proposals. This takes up most of my TIME, because it is very important that we get into contact with companies that have interesting questions about the Chinese or Japanese markets. When I have some spare TIME left, I hit the gym or bake cookies and pies.

Are you a company interested in the Chinese and Japanese market or do you have other questions ? Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn!