With intensive and professional guidance from Tilburg University, TIME is capable of conducting extensive research in all kinds of sectors. Renowned professors and PhD students who have already earned their wings in research will accompany during the entire project. Besides, all of the participating students have a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge and are in the final phase of their studies. By combining this multi-disciplined knowledge with strategic intelligence, analytical and entrepreneurial perspectives we are able to deliver a well-covered research and report. 

Our objective is to deliver a high quality research report of value to your company. Previous research subjects were:

  • Market analysis
  • Consumer analysis
  • Outsourcing and supplier selection
  • Sector description
  • Analysis of communication channels
  • Segmentation research
  • Distribution research
  • Location research

The professors and PhD students guide the students in the process of establishing a research proposal and in the preliminary study. Furthermore, they will join the students in their research projects during a period of one month in the country of choice. Finally, they are actively involved in finalizing the research to guarantee a high quality of the final report.


Below you can find several recommendations from participants, participating companies, lecturers and committee members

Bavaria | Canada 2017

"Thanks to a well structured and professional market research and consumer insights study done by TIME we are able to continuously improve the position of our brands and brand assortment basis in Canada. TIME delivered a solid market research in a very structured and professional way and with limited resources. I would definitely work together with TIME again"
Arnoud van Schaik (Bavaria l Regional Director Americas)


Gazpack | Canada 2017

“TIME has provided us with a very professional report, which is a detailed and in depth analysis of a very specific market. With only minimal input and counseling they have managed to produce valuable insights and a very practical set of recommendations. All together we will definitely follow through with the results of the report, and would be happy to participate in the program on future occasions.”
Pieter den Hooglander (Gazpack l Sales Manager) 


Secrid | Maleisia and Signapore 2013 

“Due to the market research there is a clear representation of the consumer culture and the shopping areas. Furthermore good contacts are made for further cooperation with retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.”
Marianne van Sasse van IJsselt (Secrid | Co-founder)


Tilburg University | Department Marketing

“Because TIME is on location for four weeks, knowledge about a country and culture can be gained that are crucial for a company that wants to enter a new foreign market.”
Drs. A. Raeijmaekers (TIU | Department Marketing)


Treasurer TIME | VAE & Qatar 2014

"Well yes, I can’t deny that this has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. For us as committee members it started with the destination. The world that opened up and offered so many opportunities and possibilities. Thereafter we had to obtain excellent students who were smart (and fun) enough to join us on our adventure. Then, acquisition. In retrospect, I enjoined this period quite much and learned a lot from it. As the treasurer I had to make sure we would stay within budget and still be able to experience the new culture. And the journey, well a shooting star that passed way too fast." 
Florina de Jong, master student Supply Chain Management (Treasurer TIME 2014 | VAE & Qatar)


Consultant TIME | VAE & Qatar 2014

"For me TIME was the perfect supplement to my academic career. In my opinion TIME offers you exactly what scientific education lacks. You get practical experience, you perform scientific research, expand your network and that all together with a foreign experience. Besides that you experience yourself how it is like to talk on a business level with professionals, to work in a team 24/7 on such a big project, plus you improve your English so much. An experience I will benefit from my entire life."
Wouter Bode, master student Economy Psychology (Consultant TIME 2014 | VAE & Qatar)

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