TIME is an initiative from study association Asset | Marketing in cooperation with Tilburg University. The goal of TIME is to conduct international market research for companies in the Netherlands in interesting, upcoming foreign markets, which for 2018 will be Indonesia. The various researches are conducted by talented students from Tilburg University who have affinity for marketing and economics. They are especially selected for this project based on several criteria and will intensively search for opportunities for your company in Indonesia. Why TIME and who can join the international research project TIME?

For students, participating in TIME is a really good opportunity to develop themselves on professional level besides their study. Students will cooperate with other students, companies and organizations in the Netherlands as well as in Indonesia. TIME offers students the opportunity to develop organizational skills, get experience of a foreign business culture and expand their network. The researches will also provide a basis for further research on the university as well as a career in doing research for marketing related topics. 

As committee member of TIME you are responsible for organizing the research expedition, accompanying the researchers and for completing the whole project successfully. As researcher you are responsible for the contact with companies, doing the research on location and the delivery of a valuable research for the participating companies.

For companies, participating in TIME is a great opportunity to do research abroad against cost price. Where bigger organizations have to deal with fixed costs like offices and employee payments, TIME is run voluntarily by students of Tilburg University. Another advantage is that TIME does not have an interest in profit maximization. The aim of TIME is to deliver sound marketing research in order to gain the business of its clients. Also, the content of the researches is not restricted to marketing related topics. The researchers can do all kinds of market researches. It all depends on the wishes and needs of the participating companies. During the whole project, the participating companies will be informed well by the researchers. Consequently, custom research can be delivered. Geert-Jan van der Zon of Horticoop B.V. agreed: “TIME gives a refreshing look at the market which breaks through our tunnel vision”.

The international research project TIME is coordinated by a separate foundation. This foundation exists of old-researchers, TIME-members, business people and alumni of Tilburg University, which accompany the researchers with their academic experience. The foundation will focus on advising the TIME committee on deadlines, acquisition, promotion and recruiting. The committee TIME can ask all their questions to the foundation at any time. Meetings are planned on a regular basis to give accurate feedback to the students currently participating in the TIME project.

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