We’re hiring!

It’s November 2020, you’re at an yet to be known international location, experiencing foreign business cultures, gaining worthy professional experience and enjoying the trip of a lifetime. Sounds like a plan? TIME is recruiting new board members for TIME 2020.

Do you want to execute a research in an international environment? Do you want to develop yourself on a professional level and are you interested in exploring a foreign business culture? Apply now for the function of Consultant or Board Member by sending your CV and motivation letter to info@time-tilburg.nl

What is TIME?

The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) is an initiative from study association Asset | Marketing and is in cooperation with Tilburg University. TIME is a foundation with the objective to conduct high level international market research for Dutch companies who are interested in doing business in the foreign market. 

Where do we go?

It’s a secret, can you keep it.. The location(s) for TIME 2020 will be revealed later. 

Become a board member

As a TIME Board member you will, together with 4 others, organize the trip, coordinate the acquisition period, supervise the consultants and maintain contact with possible partners.

The TIME Board is part-time and an exciting way to gain practical experience during your master.

Why would I join?

– Expand your network and make lifelong friendships
– Gain experience in conducting research
– Develop your interpersonal skills
– Give your resume an extreme boost
– Experience the best time of your student life

How to apply?

Send us your motivation letter and CV at info@time-tilburg.nl

I’m enthusiastic! I want to know more!

If you have any questions or want more information about the project, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to info@time-tilburg.nl or visit us at room E1.02. We are always in for a good conversation and a coffee, so feel free to stop by!