The destination of TIME 2017 is Canada. 

Canada is a well-developed country with a low unemployment rate and the country has a good trade position with access to the USA (NAFTA), Europe (CETA) and the Pacific (TPP). Besides this, the current infrastructure is well developed and focused on airports and railways. For example, Montreal has this strategic geographic position with two airports, an efficient transport network and a big port with domestic connections and to other continents.

Underlying Canada’s economic situation is a strategic geographic position offering entry to the North of America, easy access to raw materials and a diversified economy. The Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development expects a growth of 2.3% of Canada’s GDP the coming year. Some of the most profitable sectors of co-operation are ports, waterways and IT. Moreover, The Netherlands has an extraordinary relationship and warm leads with Canada, based on the history.

There are many opportunities in the upcoming years in the following sectors:

  • Aircraft and science manufacturing
  • Digital media
  • Defense
  • Safety
  • Communication technology
  • Health and life sciences/technology
  • Software/ICT
  • Energy
  • Maritime construction

Combining the previous facts with the government’s ambitious plans of heavy investments in infrastructure, their welcoming approach to foreign investors and the expected economic growth the upcoming years, leads us to the conclusion that Canada is a good country for doing business.

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