Previous Research

Since 1989 lots of countries were visited by TIME. The choice of the country is based on a whole bunch of factor during the first stage of the project. This is a well-convinced choice. The interest of potential participating companies is a strong factor in this choice. This choice makes or breaks the acquisition of companies which makes it the most important stage in the project.

Below you can find an overview of which countries were visited the last ten editions:

2007: India
2008: Brazil
2009: South-Africa
2010: United Arabic Emirates
2011: China
2012: South Korea
2013: Malaysia and Singapore
2014: Qatar and United Arabic Emirates
2015: Taiwan
2016: Chile and Peru
2017: Canada
2017: Indonesia

Some great companies already joined The International Marketing Expedition in the previous years. We had the pleasure to do research for companies like Philips, FrieslandCampina, Grand Italia, Secrid and DAF Trucks. To illustrate, Secrid investigated the opportunities to sell their products in Singapore and Malaysia. Secrid now has a good view of the consumer culture and the shopping environment. Moreover, Secrid obtained useful contacts through which they work on a sustainable relationship with their retailers. 

Additionally, as Richard Willems of Imtech said: “TIME can deliver very specific research, because they work very specifically and therefore deliver valuable insides”. However, that was not the only advantage of TIME regarding to companies who participated in the past.

Sergi de Vette of LeasePlan Corporation N.V. supports our project as well: “Students get into companies much faster than we do, especially when the University is involved. Therefore companies are more likely to get in conversation with the researchers in contrast to when we do it. At the end this research gives us quite accurate insides for only a relatively small price.”

Due to the great variety of visited countries, and also a great variety of companies, TIME has developed some great experience and a good knowledge of doing international research.

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